We provide services for leading customers in a wide variety of industries

Development Services

Feasibility Studies

There are usually several ways to solve problem. SSF has an in-depth understanding of software architectures and systems. Together with SSF, clients can explore a range of solutions that meet their requirements, while understanding the risks each solution entails. During a feasibility study SSF will investigate the best solutions and systematically evaluate for criteria important to the client such as performance, safety and cost. The feasibility study will produce a thorough report that will provide clear recommendations on how to proceed. All recommendations will be supported by evidence from simulations, prototyping and analysis.

A feasibility study could e.g. answer the following questions:

  • Which technologies should we base our next generation machine learning solutions on?
  • What common architecture should we choose as the starting point for our product line of embedded systems?
  • Will the performance of our current system be sufficient to meet the demands of the next evolutions?

A feasibility study with SSF will allow you to take the next step informed rather than merely guessing your way forward.

Development Services

Software development

SSF provides a full stack of software development services. We have strong expertise from requirements specification to software design, development and testing, including CI/CD pipelines and automation of the testing environments. Our teams follow an agile and transparent development approach, which provides good visibility and control to the customer.

For clients aiming to create the most advanced instruments, machines, devices or tools, our expertise in the embedded systems, industrial applications, data processing, algorithms and user interfaces will provide the best support. We are flexible in selection of technologies according to customer preferences and always eager to add new skills in our portfolio.

Here is a snapshot of the various software development projects we do:

  • Embedded software development for measurement devices, system controllers and production tester units
  • Application software that creates the magic behind the user interface
  • Testing of high reliability systems that play a critical role in ensuring safety of our traffic systems
Development Services

Hardware Development

SSF provides embedded hardware design services to enable custom device solutions for the customers. Service portfolio includes the full spectrum of support in specification building, architecture design, schematic and layout design, as well as prototype and mass production PCB assemblies via trusted partners. Hardware design processes are driven by demanding requirements from defence and space industries, to guarantee high quality in provided solutions.

We are taking security in embedded systems seriously, and therefore our philosophy is to integrate security in hardware and software layers since the very beginning of the projects.

Here is a snapshot of the various software development projects we do:

  • Digital control systems for industrial, mobile machine and automotive applications
  • Digital measurement systems
  • Ultra low-power IoT sensors
Development Services

Systems Engineering

Designing complex systems requires that they are analysed holistically. Systems engineering looks at all aspects of the system and considers how the system can meet its performance, robustness, safety and other requirements. Systems engineering also considers how all the relevant technical disciplines like mechanical design, electronics designs and software design can be integrated, so that the product as a whole can meet the intended requirements, without a major integration risk.

For clients who want to understand the big picture of the product they are considering, our system engineering services can be an invaluable support. We are dedicated to provide the best system understanding with a business focus mindset.

Here are some examples of our systems engineering services:

  • System engineering process consulting
  • Implementing model-based development
  • Requirements analysis and early verification of the requirements through analysis
  • Planning and executing validation of requirements
Development Services

Test Automation

The Test Automation System often is an essential part of a continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, since one cannot achieve true CI/CD without automated testing. Testing of the software can be a significant effort and a tedious task for test engineers.

Test automation significantly reduces the cost of testing, remove the need for repetitive manual human effort and provide preliminary test results during development with low latency. A typical test automation project consists of developing the test automation architecture, demonstrating its validity via a proof-of-concept implementation, and eventually, developing the full test automation system and validating it to a sufficient degree.

Data Science Services

Algorithm Development

Algorithm development is an important aspect of developing products which perform measurements. Typically, measurement devices utilize multiple sensors to function reliably. Algorithms must then be designed to combine different sensor information to succeed in their role. In addition, algorithms must be calibrated to handle data from variable measurement conditions.

SSF provides algorithm development support for organizations who require:

  • Analysis of the algorithm performance
  • Sensor fusion
  • Algorithm calibration
  • Firmware and device drivers
Data Science Services

Computer Vision

Recent advancements in deep learning have brought computer vision methods much closer to commercial applications. With the availability of open source libraries, prototyping has become an affordable way to investigate benefits computer vision in products and services. SSF has specialized in neural-network-based object detection and image segmentation.

We provide product development support for companies who aim to utilize computer vision applications to support their business. We have capability train, validate and implement various machine learning models and also deploy the models on the “edge” in a small form factor.

Data Science Services

Digital Twins

Developing a product can be time consuming because some of the modules are not created at the same time. For integration of software and hardware, it is important that the system design is mature. In reality, there are many challenges during the development path.

Digital twins help to mitigate for example the following issues:

  • Functional replicas of non-existing components
  • Availability of physically realistic input data
  • Test against representative system behavior in continuous integration systems
  • Hardware-like development environment for everyone in the team
Data Science Services

Advanced Analytics

We provide analytics services for industrial customers and for product development organizations who aim to utilize and find valuable insight from their data. We use statistical methods, machine learning techniques and modern neural-network-based models in our analysis.

Analysis services are typically used in the following applications:

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Quality control
  • Process optimization
Quality & Safety Services

Safety Concepts

“The first step in developing a safety critical product, which meets functional safety standards such as the IEC 61508, is to develop a high-level solution called the functional safety concept. The functional safety concept defines the key safety requirements, the high-level hardware and software architecture and the diagnostics approach.

SSF can take the full responsibility of developing safety concept for your system. We have extensive experience of standards such as the IEC 61508, EN ISO 13849 and ISO 26262.  The concept development will follow our standardized approach, which ensures that the end result will be a compliant safety concept that also meets your other requirements.”

Quality & Safety Services

Verification & Validation

With SSF assessment you can reduce risks, increase technical quality and extend the lifetime & value of your product. Independent technical system and software assessment includes the following work packages:

  • System failure mode and risk analysis
  • Design assessment
  • Code analysis
  • Identifying gaps in testing

The outcomes of the V&V service are: Findings, recommendations and solutions report & workshop with the customer.

Quality & Safety Services

Safety Assessments

SSF conducts safety assessments in the technology fields, where functional safety plays a role: for example, automotive industry, nuclear industry, railway industry and medical industry. The purpose of Functional Safety Assessments is twofold: to ensure that all the activities and documentation for the particular Safety Lifecycle phase have been completed as per requirements (presenting a safety case), and to help prevent systematic failures from being introduced. Examples of the relevant standards, against which functional safety assessments are conducted are: ISO 26262, IEC 61508, EN 5012X.

SSF has been accredited by FINAS to be a type C Independent Safety Assessor (ISA) inspection body, accreditation number I051. Specifically, SSF can perform standard based safety assessments for Railway control, command and signalling subsystem (CCS) and Rolling Stock subsystems (RST). Independent safety assessments aim at assessing whether the target system meets its specified safety requirements and whether the system is compliant to the relevant standards. The standards in the scope of assessments include EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129, EN 50159 and IEC 61508. The SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 standard is the accreditation requirement for inspection bodies.

Quality & Safety Services

Compliance Support

OEM’s in the area of medical device development, automotive, and energy sector sometimes need support in assessing what are the necessary measures that need to be taken to ensure the compliance against the ISO 26262/ ISO 13485 / FDA / ECSS / DO178 or other similar regulations.

The safety compliance shall be built in the development process and engineering it to the product development as an afterthought is laborious and expensive. SSF safety services help OEM’s and suppliers to endure the compliance of their products throughout the product development lifecycle.

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