Meteosat Third Generation


The Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) programme will replace the current generation of European weather satellites with new ones. It will consist of four imager satellites and two sounder satellites, each carrying two types of weather and atmosphere monitoring instruments. The satellites will provide meteorological data over Europe until the late 2030s. SSF is involved in developing ground processing software for the programme, including data output simulators for each instrument in each satellite type, as well as performance analysis tools for the data produced by the satellites. Key areas in the software development include algorithm development and graphical user interface tools for data analysis. Performance is a critical element of the project, as data from the satellites will be in the order of hundreds of terabytes each day. Within the program, SSF, OHB System Ag and Thales Alenia Space France cooperate in the development of the Instrument Control Unit software for the sounder and imager instruments. TAS-F implements the Execution Platform part of the software, and SSF implements the Application Software part, that implements the instrument-specific functions. Those functions include instrument mode management, equipment configuration, instrument work-plan management, auxiliary data generation, and operational thermal control.