This is rocket science.

Space at Your Service
Satellite assets are essential elements for numerous everyday life services, such as geoinformatics, mapping, resource utilization, positioning, weather forecasting and communications. SSF has participated in projects ranging from ice coverage analysis to forest fire detection, and from improved positioning to algae monitoring. In fact, current everyday life is fulfilled with data that is derived from satellites – navigation, rain forecasts and internet applications.

As these applications are so vast and touching almost everyone, it is utmost important to have satellites working flawlessly. SSF’s in-house expertise lies precisely on these demanding space applications, concerning real-time software in the satellite’s payload and platform. The design process of the complex data processing systems, instrument data simulators and test facilities are in the core of our space industry competencies. That we have been doing since 1989 in more than 150 ESA projects.

On-Board Software Development

SSF is currently orbiting Earth onboard 15 different mission from ENVISAT to the International Space Station. We provide mission-critical control systems to satellite platforms, and scientific processing in atmospheric sounding and imaging missions. Key element is safety-critical, tested and validated software, able to function years in harsh space environment.

SSF has provided platform software to GOCE, Herschel, Planck and Gaia satellites. In addition, our software is bound to planet Mercury and Mars. Latest references in application software segment are on board MetOp-SG (ROIC, 3MI, SCA), ExoMars RSI, Euclid FGS, MTG FCI ICU ASW, Sentinel-4 ICU, Galileo ASW and MetOp CFSW.

Data processing and Instrument Quality Tools

We have worked in the field of satellite data ground processing since 1989, from the ENVISAT mission development. Since that, the categorization of different satellite data products has led us to specialize in certain phases and tools of the data products.

SSF has developed a L1b prototype data processing software for European Copernicus mission in Sentinel-4 and Sentinel-5 missions. In addition, we have worked in L2 operational processor in MTG imager and sounder. The Instrument Quality Tool, IQT, allows the assessment of the geometrical and radiometric performances of the instruments on-board both MTG Imager and Sounder satellites, thus acting as a quality and performance tool. The Ground Processor Prototype (GPP) provides aid in the development of the operational instrument processor for the EUMETSAT ground segment. The GPP will also be used to demonstrate the performance of the instrument and the level 1b algorithms during on-ground and in-orbit tests.

Independent Software Verification and Validation (ISVV)

Our long experience in development of high-reliability software has laid a foundation to act as external consultant assisting prime companies to ensure the quality of a software product developed by software subcontractor. Presently, one of the key expertise areas of SSF is ISVV. SSF has conducted Independent Software Verification and Validation for multiple space on-board software: The European Data Relay System (EDRS), the Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) including MTG’s Strat Tracker instrument, the ESA Mercury mission BepiColombo platform software, the Small geo-stationary (SGEO) satellite, Integral mission, and five major units of the European satellite navigation system Galileo flight segment.

For more information, contact Matti Anttila.

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