Data Science

We analyze our industrial clients’ data and create solutions that provide direct business benefits.

Organizations in various industries are thriving for a smarter future. In the process data is employed to give competitive edge in the continuously evolving market.


To begin, organisations need to decide how to reach the set goals. There are many ways to do that, but we at SSF believe that one cannot just “look into the data and make better decisions out of it”. Instead, we believe that organizations are full of relevant domain knowledge which should be translated to a digital form to better harness the data for business objectives. We call this a modelling approach and have found out that it is especially relevant in an industrial setting.


We help our customers to encode their domain knowledge for machines to understand: we offer data analytics, algorithm development and predictive maintenance services with a modelling mindset. This approach provides our customers more integrated understanding of their data and helps them to succeed in the changing environment.


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