We offer systems engineering, software development and data science services in various industries. The art of understanding the system, the software it contains, and the data it produces is the common nominator in everything we do.

Medical Devices

Our main strength is strong expertise in development and testing of the whole medical devices software stack: from embedded high reliability software, to middleware and production support systems and calibration databases. We also offer expertise in complex medical algorithm design.

SSF offers end-to-end system and software development according to the ISO 13485, IEC 60601-1 and IEC 62304 standards, as well as support to FDA 510(k) applications. With SSF’s services, medical device manufacturers get a guarantee of having a compliant product for certification and on-time delivery to their customers.


One of the key elements of SSF’s in-house expertise lies on the field of real-time software engineering for demanding space applications, concerning the satellite’s payload and platform. Also designing of the complex data processing algorithms systems and instrument data simulators are in the core of our space industry competencies. All core development processes, as well as the documentation and management processes are in line with the ECSS standards.


SSF offers software system engineering and software development services throughout the whole industrial software stack. We master the software lifecycle management for both embedded, safety relevant systems and middle-layer application software.
Our capabilities comply with the requirements imposed by the IEC 61508 standard’s SIL (safety Integrity Level) 2 and ISO 13849 standard’s PL d. SSF can take the responsibility of design and development from concept design to full validation and certification of the safety functionality.


For the nuclear industry SSF offers two major service categories:

Our independent suitability assessment gives a fast overview of whether a system can be taken into use at a nuclear power plant. The system is assessed against the relevant standards (IEC 60880, IEC 61513) and an evaluation is given whether it would be possible to qualify the system for use in a nuclear power plant. Our qualification support service builds a suitable qualification program for a system – so that it can safely be taken into use at a nuclear power plant, taking into account the necessary regulatory restrictions.


We collaborate with the Finnish Defence Forces and surrounding industrial companies in Finland and abroad. Our capabilities in system engineering and safety-critical software development have proven to match to the needs of the defence technology industry. At SSF, every employee has passed a security clearance and our dedicated IT and working facilities have been ensured to comply with the domain specific security requirements. SSF has been audited for the National Security Auditing Criteria (Katakri) by the Finnish Defence Forces.


Highs speed and commuter trains are nowadays equipped with high tech control and management systems providing some of the most critical monitoring and controlling functions. SSF provides the Safety Manager expertise in order to manage the development of such safety critical functions for which application mandates high safety integrity level (SIL).

SSF is managing safety by preparing and following the specific Safety Plan and performing RAMS activities when necessary. The RAMS activities include but are not limited to: risk assessment & analysis, conducting system FMEA/FMECA, development and conduct of HW FMEA, hazard log and safety plan maintenance, overall RAMS management, preparing a Safety Case as a safety demonstration.

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