Vicky Wong

Software Engineer

Born in Hong Kong, raised in Canada and now working in Finland, I have spent time living, studying, and working on three continents. My background is in Aerospace Engineering with a joint Master’s degree in Space Science and Technology. I have been with SSF for over five years. My work at the company has been diverse. I have been working as functional safety engineer, quality engineer, test engineer, software engineer, and project manager. I have been involved in projects in different domains such as medical, nuclear, machinery, and space. The customers were mainly from Finland, but I have worked with teams from the US, Germany, Spain, and France as well. I have enjoyed the diversity of my job at SSF, as it provides me with continuous challenges – I don’t get bored at work and I get to learn new things almost every day.

The diversity is also reflected in SSF’s employee demography. When I first started at the company, SSF had about 30–40 employees comprising mostly of Finns and a few (3–4) other European nationals. It was a rather tight-knitted community. Nowadays, the company is about double the size, with employees coming from around ten different countries. It’s getting rather difficult to recognize everyone in the corridor, but SSF has maintained the wonderful tradition of Friday pullas that provides a perfect opportunity to get familiar with the new colleagues. SSF is continuously striving for improvements and in maintaining the satisfaction level of its employees. This is reflected, for instance, in how the supplies of coffee and cinnamon buns never seem to run out on Fridays despite the company’s growth (granted that it’s still first-come-first-serve if there is a specific type of pastry that you want). The company has also provided other venues for employees to mingle such as Puhutaan Helppoa Suomea (Let’s Speak Easy Finnish (because daily spoken Finnish is too difficult) club), board game club, beer club…

My time at SSF has been great so far, made possible by intelligent and supportive colleagues. Being surrounded by intelligent people motivates me to continuously strive for excellence.

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