We make our customers smarter and safer

We provide services for leading customers in machinery, medical, space, defense, and nuclear industries.

We make our customers smarter and safer

SSF is a systems engineering and software development company located in Espoo, Finland and Prague, Czech Republic. We support our customers in designing and developing complex industrial applications such as data processing systems, control systems and test automation solutions.

We provide services for leading customers in machinery, medical, space, defense, and nuclear industries. We are especially prominent in industries where lifecycle and quality management as well as safety and security are critical.

Our customers contract us to deliver their high reliability systems faster to the market. We strongly believe in ease of service and excellence in everything we deliver to our customers.


We want to be the top provider of safety critical systems in Europe.


We make our customers smarter and safer.


We are inspired by the following values and respect them as they guide our work:

SSF In numbers

Management Group

SSF’s Management group consists of Timo Latvala, Tuomas TalviOja and Veera Sylvius.

SSF Prague

SSF founded a new office in Prague, Czech Republic in 2015 to better serve the European customers. Supported by its Czech office, SSF provides services across a range of industries: space, medical, nuclear and moving machinery. Services include system design and development, software development and testing, validation and verification of safety-critical software products and auditing of software products and projects.

Award-winning Leadership

In May 2016 SSF received recognition for our personnel management in “Vuoden Henkilöstöteko” competition organized by The Finnish Association for Human Resources Management – HENRY ry. Clearly we are heading in the right direction.

We believe that exceptional results are achieved by inspirational leadership based on mutual understanding and appreciation. We listen and respect individuals – and this respect is what enables our employees to make worthwhile contributions to any task at hand. After all, it is the daily effort of people that gets the work done.

SSF has a truly multicultural work environment with employees from fifteen different countries, and with a third of our staff being women we can proudly say that SSF provides equal opportunities for everyone. Our staff strives for excellence and to be best possible experts – a third of the staff has a doctoral degree. We hire technically capable, intelligent people who can take responsibility and deliver in demanding customer projects.

We trust in honest and truthful communication, whether it is internal or external. It is important to hear people’s opinions, give them responsibility, and let them decide and use their skills to their best extent. At the same time no one should be afraid to ask for help from their colleagues. This is what our values integrity, excellence and enthusiasm stand for.

Research and Development

SSF is continuously working on extending the state-of-the-art in key areas related to systems engineering and software. Our key focus areas are model-based systems engineering methods, software development productivity, and software reliability. We participate in EU and Tekes funded research programs and we are an active partner to universities, research institutes and R&D oriented companies.

These are some of the projects that SSF is currently participating in and funding:

Mars sampling drill prototype: UPCD

We have been working with Mars rovers and Mars drilling since end of the 90’s.

The Ultrasonic Planetary Core Drill (UPCD) project seeks to build a device that can take a sample of rocky, sandy or frozen material from depths of 30 cm underground, place it inside a capsule, and then seal it closed. The UPCD drill is an ultrasonic drill, sensing the optimal frequency to crack the rock target, thus saving energy and time when drilling. The whole operation is guided by autonomous software, as communication delay between Earth and Mars is a few tens of minutes.

The UPCD is a typical case where Failure Detection, Isolation and Recovery (FDIR) aspects of our software comes to action, since the drill control software must be able to make independent decision should some of its sensors fail during operations.


Cyber Trust is a research program to address the growing need for reliable security in the embedded and infrastructure domain.

As more industrial and infrastructural functions grow dependent on smart technology, the risk of malicious interference grows. Key areas of interest in the program are data networks, electricity distribution, and critical data processing. The goals are to gain better trust in the systems, protect privacy, and secure decision making via online and offline monitoring, visualization, and hardening of programs. Nineteen companies and eight research institutes and universities are involved in the program partially funded by Tekes.

Get to know some of our employees:

Laura Nummila

Business Development Manager

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Juha Granström

Senior Validation Engineer

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Antti Huhtala

Systems Engineer

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Vicky Wong

Software Engineer

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